Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information
(Privacy Policy)

GENEQ Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "our Company") possesses personal information in order to conduct activities related to its business. We believe that the protection of personal information is an essential responsibility, and in our efforts to gain the trust of information owners and society as a whole, we have established the following privacy policy to protect personal information.


We will handle personal information in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and other norms, as well as our own rules and regulations, and will ensure that all personnel involved in our company's business are fully aware of and familiar with these rules and regulations and will handle personal information appropriately.

1. Appropriate collection, use, provision and outsourcing of personal information
1. We will clearly state the purpose of use for collecting personal information to the extent necessary.
We will notify or publicly announce the purpose of use of the information within the scope of such purpose.
2. The purposes of use of each type of personal information used and stored by our Company are as shown in the attached table.
3. Personal information collected will not be provided or disclosed to third persons, except in the following cases.
(1)Cases in which the consent of the person has been obtained in advance.
(2)In cases that fall under exceptions listed in Article 23, paragraph 1 (i) to (C) of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
(3)In cases that fall under Article 23, paragraph 5 (i) to (B) (outsourcing, business succession, joint use) of the Act on the Protection
of Personal Information.

2. Security control measures concerning personal information
We will maintain internal rules and regulations and take safety measures to prevent and correct unauthorized access to and leakage, loss,
or damage of personal information.

3. Improvement measures
We will respond to change in the social environment regarding the handing of personal information.
Also, we will strive to improve this policy and other rules and regulations by making changes, modifications, or additions if necessary.

4. Response about disclosure request
Regarding personal information possessed by our company, we respond to requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension
of use etc., by the individual whose personal information is possessed by our company or individual representative.
In case you wish to request disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, or suspension of use of your personal information, please make an
inquiry to the contact person in charge (Personnel & Labor Relations Team, Personnel & Labor Relations Group of the Company).
When making an inquiry, we may confirm the identity of the person making the inquiry or his/her representative, as well as the status of
transactions with our Company.
In accordance with our Company regulations, we will respond to such requests within a reasonable period (in principle, two weeks, but if
there is a large number of requests or a request is complicated, we plan to allow 30 days for a response) and to a reasonable extent.

5. Handling of complaints and contact for inquiries
Complaints (receipt of appeals against disclosure and other actions) and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information will be
handled by the Personnel & Labor Relations Team of the Personnel & Labor Relations Group of the Company.
We will endeavor to respond to inquiries appropriately and promptly.

April 1, 2019 

[Purpose of Use (Annexed table) ]

1.Purpose of use
(Customer's personal information)
 ・Providing information on our services
 ・Responding to inquiries from customers

(Personal information of business partners)
 ・Conducting business meetings, etc.
 ・Provision of information to and communication with our business partners
 ・Execution of business entrusted to us by our business partners
 ・Business operations related to each of the above items

(Personal information of shareholders)
 ・Management of shareholders and their shares
 ・Exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations by shareholders and the company
 ・Preparation of documents, records and data in accordance with laws and regulations
 ・Operations related to above respective matters

(Information of employees, directors, and other members of our Company)
 ・Payroll calculation and payment
 ・Management of safety for our Company members
 ・Human resource management for our Company members
 ・Operations related to above respective matters

(Personal information of all applicants for employment)
 ・Recruitment in our Company, personnel and safety management after recruitment, and related work.