AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)

Through its partnership with customs, GENEQ has obtained "Authorized Customs Broker" and "Authorized Warehouse Operator" of the AEO system, which aims for the security and facilitation of international logistics.

As a company based in northern Kyushu and developing international logistic businesses, the acquisition of these AEO systems accredits our business as one that has established a framework for cargo security managementand legal compliance within "custom clearance" and "warehouse operations" in international logistics. We believe this is one way we are recognized for our daily efforts toward "giving back to customers, society and employees" through each employee practicing our motto of "Joy and Excitement for All of Us."

We will continue to enhance our compliance and security structures and provide safe, reliable, and high-quality logistics services to meet the trust and expectations of customers and society and fulfill our responsibility as a customs partner.

aeo mark

GENEQ Corporation
Chief Executive Officer, Junichi Ito

AEO Customs Broker(Authorized Customs Broker)

Our company has been recognized as an "Authorized Customs Broker" since January 2017.

The Authorized Customs Broker system is a system in which the customs office certifies customs brokers that have established cargo security management and compliance (legal compliance) systems.

We will provide customers with swift and convenient customs clearance procedures through relaxed measures made possible by the AEO Customs Broker system (such as picking up cargo before tax declaration, tax payment afterwards (special consignment import declaration), and export licenses for shipments outside of bonded areas (special consignment export declaration).

Business sites that conduct AEO Customs Broker services

The following are "customs clearance offices" that conduct AEO Customs Broker services.

1. Kitakyushu Logistics Sales Group
2. Fukuoka Logi-tech Center
3. Fukuoka Airport Office(Air Logistics Sales Group)
4. Saiki Office
5. Yatsushiro Office

"CY Offices" for container customs clearance

6. Moji Terminal Office
7. Kashii Office

AEO Warehouse Operator(Authorized Warehouse Operator)

Our company was approved as an "Authorized Warehouse Operator" in October 2013.

The Authorized Warehouse Operator System is a system for warehouse operators in which the customs office grants approval to warehouse operators that have established cargo security management and compliance (legal compliance) systems.

We will continue to enhance our efforts to ensure security and legal compliance in warehousing and import/export related operations, including customs bond operations. We will make every effort to provide a safe and reliable logistics service.

Warehouses recognized by customs as having particularly good security controls as an Authorized Warehouse Operator

Our "bonded warehouses" that have been reported as specified bonded approval holders are as follows.

  1. GENEQ Corporation Tachinoura(HW)
  2. GENEQ Corporation Fukuoka Logi-Tech Center
  3. GENEQ Corporation Tosu Logi-Tech Center(refrigerated warehouse)