Container Cargo Handling

Container Cargo Handling and Terminal Operations

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Kitakyushu Port is a historic port that has played an important role in supporting logistics in modern Japan. Furthermore, Hakata Port is developing over the years as a gateway to Asia and a base harbor in Kyushu that connects to the world.

Our company is engaged in the harbor transportation business in Kyushu, with a focus on Kitakyushu and Hakata Ports. We conduct cargo handling for liner container ships and container terminal operations at Moji and Hakata Ports, providing swift services for port users such as shippers, marine cargo carriers, land transport operators, and port operators through links between the terminal systems (Moji Port: TACTOS, Hakata Port: KACCS / Hits) and the customs clearance information system (Naccs).

Moji Port
Shipping companiesRoutesArrival dates
(container ships)
South Korea routeEvery Monday
(Ehime Ocean Line)
Taiwan / Philippines routeEvery Tuesday
Suzuyo MarineCoastal feederThree per week
Hakata Port
Shipping companiesRoutesArrival dates
WAN HAI LINESSouth-east Asia routeEvery Wednesday,
every other Saturday
South-east Asia / Vietnam routeEvery Sunday
South China / Hong Kong routeEvery Sunday
(container ships)
South Korea routeEvery Monday and Thursday
South Korea routeSix per week
(Monday to Saturday)

Van Pool Maintenance Shop

Container Maintenance Shop

We conduct repairs, storage, and cleaning of all types of marine containers at Moji and Hakata Ports.

Our vanpool is equipped with environmentally friendly washing facilities that clean containers with high-pressure hot water machines and treat sewage in a four-layer septic tank.

Furthermore, our maintenance shop is roofed, allowing for safe operations in rainy weather and more sophisticated maintenance for reefer containers than before.

We also sell a variety of new and used containers.