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Supply chain management has been continuing to evolve in recent years. Along with marine transportation, speedy air transportation is crucial to supply the right amount of goods in a timely and efficient way.

The city of Fukuoka, which is the largest city in Kyushu, has been going under remarkable development as a gateway to Asia, and Fukuoka Airport has also been expanding its routes worldwide. Fukuoka Airport is one of the most accessible airports in Japan. It is also located close to the city center and national roads, urban expressways, and the Kyushu Expressway, and the quantity of air cargo has grown dramatically in recent years.

Our company obtained its customs clearance license for Fukuoka Airport in 1974, and registered as a receipt agent for IATA* in 1978. Since then, we have continued to provide services related to air cargo transportation arrangements and customs clearance at Fukuoka Airport. Even today, we continue to provide services for dozens of domestic and international air cargo forwarders, offering customers the best air transport services based on the know-how we have gathered to date.

* IATAiInternational Air Transport Associationj

We provide sea and air intermodal transportation services.

Sea and Air

Using our experience and know-how as a shipping company and a forwarder, we also can offer integrated transportation services that combine sea and air transport. We connect Japan and the world, swifter and closer.

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Our air cargo division obtained ISO9001 certification in 1999, one step ahead of our ocean cargo division. We provide high-quality services for import and export customs clearance and air cargo handling. We also handle a wide variety of goods, ranging from electrical products and components to perishable goods and personal luggage.

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