Origin of the Company Name

The meaning of GENEQ

GENEQ is a name coined from the words GENESIS (creations, origins), GENE (as in genetic science), combined with Qs (for Quality, Quantity, Quick, and a metaphor for Kyushu).
The name defines a company that starts with a new determination with a new century and goes on to become the genetic factor for the future.

Our Slogan

Our Slogan

For People. For Earth.

"GENEQ" envisions logistics in the 21st century as a multifunctional business that includes the exchange of information and culture along with the transportation of goods. It incorporates our philosophy as a company that aims to achieve "new logistics" that contribute toward people's happiness and with consideration toward the earth's environment.

Meaning of the Symbol Mark


Our logo features a dynamic white "G" within a blue "Q" that represents the earth. It stands for our corporate image as a company that operates universally with consideration towards the earth's environment.